Model-Driven Useware Engineering

Gerrit Meixner, Gerrit Meixner, Kai Breiner, Marc Seissler, Detlef Zühlke

In: Heinrich Hußmann, Gerrit Meixner, Detlef Zühlke. Model-Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces. Pages 1-26 Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI) ISBN 978-3-642-14561-2 Springer Heidelberg 1/2011.


User-oriented hardware and software development relies on a systematic development process based on a comprehensive analysis focusing on the users’ requirements and preferences. Such a development process calls for the integration of numerous disciplines, from psychology and ergonomics to computer sciences and mechanical engineering. Hence, a correspondingly interdisciplinary team must be equipped with suitable software tools to allow it to handle the complexity of a multimodal and multi-device user interface development approach. An abstract, model-based development approach seems to be adequate for handling this complexity. This approach comprises different levels of abstraction requiring adequate tool support. Thus, in this chapter, we present the current state of our model-based software tool chain. We introduce the use model as the core model of our modelbased process, transformation processes, and a model-based architecture, and we present different software tools that provide support for creating and maintaining the models or performing the necessary model transformations.

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