Fields of Application

Smart Home & Assisted Living

A networked, intelligent home can enable everyone to live a safe, independent life and actively participate in society through innovative solutions. At the same time, smart home technologies offer potential for further useful applications. In addition to demonstrating the systems developed in cooperation with partners from research and industry, the focus is on developing innovative aspects such as systems for mobility and environmental assistance.



From June 23 to 26, 2022, the DFKI Cyber-Physical Systems research department will present the AdaMeKoR project (An Adaptive Multi-Component Robot…

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After two years as a digital event, Saarland University's Open Day will be held in attendance mode on Saturday, May 21, 2022. DFKI will also be…

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Data is generally considered the gold of the 21st century. Companies use it, for example, to analyze customer behavior and provide customer…

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GUIDED - Autonomic Building


  • Hager Electro GmbH & Co KG (Konsortialführer)
  • FH Dortmund - Institut für Kommunikationstechnik
  • INTERACTIVE Software Solutions GmbH
  • Scheer Management GmbH
  • IS Predict GmbH
  • QBUS eNET GmbH & Co.…
Preservation and transfer of episodic knowledge in real work processes using mobille asstive technology

Complex technical systems and vehicles are in use for many years. Innovative technical developments and legislative changes require regular alterations and renovations. At the same time maintenance is…

Assistants for Safe Mobility

The ASSAM project aims to compensate for declining physical and cognitive capabilities of elderly persons by user-centred development of modular navigation assistants for various mobility platforms,…

BesMan - Behaviours for Mobile Manipulation


The main goal of the project BesMan is the development of one- and two-arm manipulation procedures as well as the learning of new situation-specific behaviors by means of a machine learning…

Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term Social Interaction

The goal of ALIZ-E is to develop novel methods for developing and testing interactive, mobile robots which will be able to socially interact with human users over extended periods of time, i.e. a…

Physical Activity Monitoring for Aging People

PAMAP is a European project in the area of ambient

assisted living. The project aims at helping

the growing elderly population in our society to

age weil, or simply to make their life as healthy and…

Supported Human Autonomy for Recovery and Enhancement of cognitive and motor abilities using information technologies

The goal of SHARE-it is to develop a scalable, adaptive system of add-ons to sensor and assistive technology so that they can be modularly integrated into an intelligent home environment to enhance…

Space-oriented control unit for the production and resource management of organic commodities

RAPR aims to develop a rule-based prototype to process space-oriented agricultural knowledge in order to economically grow organic commodities. The prototype is planned to be tested while supporting…

Referenzarchitektur für E-Government

(Projektbeschreibung Englisch)


TU Chemnitz;

NHConsult GmbH;

Regierungspräsidium Leipzig;

Projektträger im DLR;


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz