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Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems act independently, learn, solve complex tasks and can react to unpredictable events. This does not only refer to classical robots but also to intelligent machines, devices or software systems that are used in special areas in the interest of humans. For example, the mobility of the future will be determined by autonomous vehicles. Autonomous systems will also support disabled people in the domestic environment. In addition, they will be able to interact flexibly with workers in production and act independently where it is too dangerous for people. Artificial intelligence provides the key technologies in the areas of machine learning, cyber security and agile IT infrastructures that are crucial for the further development and use of autonomous systems.


Am 17. Juni 2022 findet in Oldenburg die „Lange Nacht der Digitalisierung“ statt. Dafür öffnen zahlreiche Oldenburger Firmen und…

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Quantum computers hold unimagined potential for numerous fields of application – including robotics. But research in this area is still in its…

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German-French project R4Agri launched

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NoStrandAMust - Bodenkontaktsimulation zur Verbesserung der Lokomotionsperformance mobiler Roboter

NoStrandAMust is a project with the goal of experimentally investigating the ground interaction of different robots and generating models for the interaction using AI methods. These models are to be…

GAIA-X 4 ROMS - Support und Remote-Operation automatisierter und vernetzter Mobility Services

Neue Mobilitätslösungen sollen den Transport von Personen und Gütern auch unter Klimaschutz-Aspekten sichern. Ansätze liegen hier neben der Dekarbonisierung in der Stärkung des öffentlichen Verkehrs…


The PlantMap project goal is a high-resolution spatiotemporal 3D map representation of individual plants –

the PlantMap. Such a map will be filled with plant data taken by autonomous robots navigating…

Tangible reality - skilful interaction of user hands and fingers with real tools in mixed reality worlds

The goal of the GreifbAR project is to make mixed reality (MR) worlds, including virtual (VR) and augmented reality ("AR"), tangible and graspable by allowing users to interact with real and virtual…


The aim of the project is to design and develop a semi-autonomous, mobile system that is capable of harvesting fruit independent of human interaction. While robotic systems are currently used mainly…

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