Research Topics

Human-Machine Interaction

Interactive and user-friendly interfaces form the basis of multimodal human-technology interaction. Personalized dialogue systems combine speech, gestures and facial expressions with physical interaction. This involves the use of user, task and domain models in order to make dialogue behaviour as natural as possible and dialogue comprehension stable even under difficult conditions. Future user interface concepts are detached from the usual mouse and keyboard paradigms and enable intuitive, gesture-based control.


Hacking for civil and disaster protection

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Interactive Machine Learning, or IML for short, is the newest research department at the new DFKI Niedersachsen. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Daniel…

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DFKI coordinates new EU project HumanTech

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Autonomous deep-sea dual-arm-manipulation

The goal of the CManipulator project is the development of an autonomous and modular dual-arm underwater-manipulator. The system will be designed, that it can easily be adapted to exiting and future…

Virtuelle Musikberatung im Semantic Web

In a world of spontaneously federating services, there is no point in having a proprietary service, there is no point in staying out of the directory, there is no point in using an XML protocol that…

Diagnostic and Evaluation tools for Natural Language Applications

As industrial use of Language Technology is flourishing and the market for competing software systems is expanding, there is an increasing need for the assessment of NLP components on the level of…

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