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Assistierender Roboterarm am Krankenbett (links), Hightech Chip (mittig), Fussball spielende Nao Roboter (rechts)© DFKI

Cyber-Physical Systems


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  1. RE-SAMPLE - REal-time data monitoring for Shared, Adaptive, Multi-domain and Personalised prediction and decision making for Long-term Pulmonary care Ecosystems

    Multi-morbid complex chronic conditions (CCCs) are highly prevalent in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and timely and …

  2. DOF-Adaptiv - Adaptive Mapping of Degrees of Freedom as User Interface for an Assistive Robot

    An assistive robot arm is a valuable support for people with severely reduced mobility of arm and hand, but exhausting and time-consuming to use, …

  3. VeryHuman - Learning and Verifying Complex Behaviour of Humanoid Robots

    The validation of systems based on deep learning for use in safety-critical applications proves to be inherently difficult, since their subsymbolic …

  4. AUTOASSERT - Simulation-based Design Tool for Automated Checking of Analog-digital Electronic Systems

    Microelectronic hardware and software systems are the key component for the majority of innovations in current and future systems. The verification, …

  5. KI-SIGS - AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems

    In the project KI-SIGS (AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems), companies, universities and research institutions from Northern Germany are pooling …

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Cyber-Physical Systems

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