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AI in Medical Image and Signal Processing

The research department “AI in Medical Image and Signal Processing” (AIMedI) in Lübeck develops learning medical image computing methods to support medical diagnostics and therapy. In hybrid image processing systems, methods of artificial intelligence are combined with medical image computing methods and visualization techniques for medical support.

The focus is on machine learning methods and deep learning networks for the automatic analysis and recognition of different disease patterns, lesions, biomarkers, organs, tissues, etc., in medical images and image sequences. The researchers also investigate the possibilities for image-based prediction of individual disease progression and personalized risk assessment to support therapy decisions using machine learning methods.

Other research and development areas of the research department include:

  • Combined use of images and clinical context information (medical history, findings, etc.) for improved disease analysis and detection.
  • Generation of realistic synthetic training images to extend the application of deep learning methods in various medical applications.
  • Methods from the field of Explainable AI to make image analysis results as well as their origin transparent, explainable, and comprehensible.

AI in Medical Image and Signal Processing uses the long-standing expertise and extensive experience in artificial intelligence and medical image computing at the Institute of Medical Informatics of the University of Lübeck, headed by Prof. Dr. Heinz Handels.