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Institute for Information Systems

The Institute for Information Systems (IWi) at the DFKI employs more than 60 people in the field of applied research under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter Loos. The research and teaching comprises of information and process management in industry, services and administration. Of particular importance is the transfer of technology from science to practice. The interdisciplinary structure of the staff and research projects also encourages the exchange of specialist knowledge from different disciplines.


The IWi at the DFKI focuses intensively on the implementation of artificial intelligence in commercial environments and especially within business process management. In the context of current developments in fundamental AI research, this topic is now also of central importance in application-oriented research.

Current research projects are mainly located in the following areas:

Business Process Management (BPM) & Analytics

Based on many years of experience in BPM research, the IWi concentrates on researching the potential of using artificial intelligence in process data with the goal of generating added value for the processes and companies involved. This includes in particular the research areas of Process Mining, Process Analytics, Reference Model Mining and Predictive Process Monitoring.

Industry 4.0.

The IWi is working in a number of different research projects to realize the vision of an industry 4.0 in the German economy. This includes data protection, the use of AI technologies to optimize processes and the support of SMEs in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Digital Administration

Together with industry partners and public authorities, the IWi is working on digitizing administrative processes and using business process management and artificial intelligence techniques to simplify and accelerate administrative processes for citizens and public authorities.

Tax Technology

Due to the high complexity of the processes and legal texts, the high costs and the high entrepreneurial risk, the tax area is ideally suited for the use of AI. Together with practice partners, the competence centre „Tax Technology“ of IWi, DFKI, investigates on the influence of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence on future tax consultancy.

Teaching at the Institute for Business Informatics

You can find information about the Chair of Business Administration, in particular Business Informatics, by Prof. Dr. Peter Loos, on the website of Saarland University 


Prof. Dr. Peter Loos
Phone: +49 681 85775 3106

Deputy Head:
Prof. Dr. Peter Fettke
Phone: +49 681 85775 5142


Simone Winter-Dawo
Tina Amas
Phone: +49 681 85775 3106

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI)
Institute for Information Systems (IWi)
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