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Research at DFKI

Guided by scientific excellence and societal relevance, the DFKI has been conducting research on intelligent software technologies since 1988, addressing all relevant future topics. With our work, we cover the entire spectrum of AI research – from data management and analysis to image recognition and understanding, language and text comprehension, virtual and augmented reality, as well as human-machine interaction, autonomous and learning systems, robotics, and IT security. Our scope ranges from basic research to industrial product development, aiming for the successful transfer of AI technologies into economy and society.

In our research, we not only explore the potential of intelligent systems for pressing societal challenges. Aspects such as ethics, security, social responsibility, and the protection of our natural resources fundamentally play a significant role in our daily work. We develop technologies that optimize the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, relieving medical personnel. We conduct research on robots that can operate autonomously in hostile environments like disaster areas or the deep sea. And we work on solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability in agriculture, production, or energy industry. These acitivities are carried out in close cooperation with both national and international industry and research partners.

Projects & Publications

Application-oriented Research