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Bitkom Academy

Qualification as AI-Manager with Bitkom Academy

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous systems will have a decisive influence on the development of companies in the coming years. What does this mean for one's own company? Can AI be used to support the future value creation of a company? Which AI concepts, basics, methods and concrete applications are hidden behind the often strained catchwords? Answers to these questions are provided by the certificate course "Training to become an AI Manager" in Berlin, the first training course in the field of artificial intelligence with a certificate. The part-time course is aimed at decision-makers in companies. Corporations, SMEs and start-ups are addressed in the same way. This unique training in the field of AI is suitable for managers in the areas of strategic corporate development, business development, digitization as well as project managers and team leaders working in operations. The course consists of five modules in which participants learn the basics of artificial intelligence and hybrid value creation through heuristics, knowledge-based systems and machine learning - knowledge of computer science or AI is not required.

Speakers of the DFKI are Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß, Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, Dr. Carsten Ullrich and Dr. Sven Schmeier. From AI practice Dr. Alexander Lemken (ioxp GmbH), Thomas Jenewein (SAP AG) and Sven Semet (IBM Germany GmbH) will speak. The scientific director of the certificate course is Dr. Sven Schmeier, Chief Engineer and Associate Head of Speech and Language Technology Department.

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Dr. phil. Sven Schmeier

Chief Engineer and Associate Head of Speech and Language Technology Department

Phone: +49 30 23895 1815