Speech and Language Technology

DFKI’s Speech and Language Technology Department (SLT) addresses the use of AI for analysing, generating and interacting through spoken and written language. Its focus is on information extraction from written text and from spoken language, on knowledge technologies, and on interactive chatbots. Regarding information extraction, the main contributions are in the field of training on sparse data (addressed through sequential transfer learning, e.g., by Alt, 2020, or by multitask-learning, e.g., by Mittag, 2021), as well as on explainable AI (addressed, e.g., by Schwarzenberg, 2021). Regarding knowledge management, SLT brings together large multilingual resources in the European Language Grid and other European as well as national projects, focussing on data curation as well as research data management techniques. Regarding chatbots, SLT concentrates on the quick bootstrapping of chatbots from knowledge graphs, also for industrial applications, as well as on the simulation of interaction behaviour. A main strength of SLT is its use of crowdsourcing for data generation, the creation of hybrid human-machine intelligence processes, as well as its focus on evaluation methodologies to which SLT constantly contributes with scientific publications as well as with international standards. Applications of its technologies are in the fields of medicine, mobility, law, as well as machine translation.


The Lab carries out research, development and commercial projects on all themes of computational linguistics and language technology.

A major outcome of a European key project the Lab has been coordinating is the network of excellence META-NET, which strives for a strategic alliance for creating the technologies and applications needed for making the linguistic diversity of our multicultural society sustainable.

Many projects focus on three key areas:

Other project themes of importance include social signal processing, speech synthesis, opinion mining and trend analysis.

Competence Centers

There are currently two Competence Centers, that bundle know-how, skills, and technologies of DFKI-LT to tackle important questions in:


The “Speech and Language Technology Lab“ provides a variety of community services.

META-NET a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres from 34 countries, is dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society.

For specific interests in Japanese linguistics, a bibliography is available and maintained.



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