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Working at DFKI – Shaping the Future Together!

As diverse as our topics, so are the career opportunities at DFKI. Whether as a scientist, student assistant, working on a thesis or pursuing a PhD, or in administration – become part of the team!

Working at Germany's leading industry-oriented AI research institute is characterized by exciting and socially relevant future topics that open up a variety of research-based activities in various areas of AI research. Here, researchers from computer science, mathematics, engineering, biology, computational linguistics, electrical engineering, physics, psychology, economics, and many other fields come together. Together, they conduct research at the highest scientific and technical level on groundbreaking projects and develop intelligent solutions for pressing societal challenges. In addition to a unique research and laboratory infrastructure, we offer excellent PhD and career opportunities. With locations and labs in various regions of Germany, we have a broad geographical presence. The close integration with the partner universities provides extensive opportunities for collaboration.

At DFKI, people from over 70 nations work together. Our workforce is international and diverse, contributing to an inspiring international work atmosphere. Furthermore, we place great importance on modern and flexible work-life balance arrangements, which also allow for remote work. This creates an environment in which our employees can unleash their full potential.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, CEO DFKI

"With employees from over 70 countries, DFKI stands for internationality and diversity, which for us are the cornerstones of excellent science. In our research as well as in our daily work, the focus is on people, regardless of origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation."

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, CEO DFKI

What our employees say

From AI in education and medicine to robots for extreme environments and sustainable solutions for industry and agriculture – the same diversity found in our research topics is reflected by the people who work at DFKI. In this video, employees share their personal experiences and impressions.

"I love working at DFKI because here I am empowered as a researcher. At DFKI I can work on the intersection of Computer Science, Robotics and Space Technologies which aligns perfectly with my skillset and my main research interests."

"I believe there is no institution in Germany where you have so many opportunities, so many robots, and so many resources for self-fulfillment."

"What makes working at DFKI special for me is that everyone here is a team player. You never feel like you're left alone with a problem. Someone always joins in, and you solve the problem together."

"I enjoy working at DFKI because I can contribute to making cities more livable places."

We look forward to your application

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