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Plan-Based Robot Control


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  1. R4Agri - Reasoning auf landwirtschaftlichen Daten - Integration von Metriken und qualitativen Perspektiven

    "Entferne schädliches Unkraut auf dem Feld, aber setze keine chemischen Mittel in der Nähe eines Gewässers ein!"

    Bei der Durchführung …

  2. PlantMap - PlantMap

    The PlantMap project goal is a high-resolution spatiotemporal 3D map representation of individual plants –

    the PlantMap. Such a map will be filled with …

  3. CognitiveWeeding - selective management of harmful and non-harmful weeds using artificial intelligence

    The spontaneous vegetation that accompanies arable farming (generally referred to as (un)harmful weeds) can lead to major yield losses if not …

  4. ChargePal - Robot-assisted charging and power management in private and public parking spaces

    The ChargePal project aims at the research and practical testing of self-sufficient mobile DC charging robots with integrated high-performance …

  5. CIAM - Cooperative Development of a Comprehensive Integrated Autonomous Underwater Monitoring Solution

    In the CIAM project, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are being developed that are capable of autonomous inspection missions with a travel …

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Plan-Based Robot Control
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