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What is 6G? The future mobile communications standard from a scientific point of view

| Intelligent Networks | Kaiserslautern

The project "Open6GHub" is developing a 6G vision for sovereign citizens in a highly connected world from 2030. But how does the future mobile communications standard 6G, which is to follow 5G, come into being? The video answers this question from a scientific perspective. On the sidelines of a consortium meeting organised by TU Darmstadt in March 2023, the project's scientists gave an insight into their work, answered the most important questions about 6G and dispelled many a myth.

Open6GHub is coordinated by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The project consortium is currently in the global standardisation process. 47 research groups from 11 universities and 6 research institutes throughout Germany are participating in the Open6GHub project.

    00:00 Introduction
    00:31 What is 6G?
    What topics the scientists of the Open6GHub are working on
    03:52 6G in use
    Challenges in the development of the 6G mobile communications standard
    07:32 How the global 6G mobile communications standard is created

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