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Therapeutic Assistance and Decision Algorithms for Hepatobiliary Tumor Boards

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Interdisciplinary tumour conferences with doctors from different disciplines are the key to the best possible diagnosis and therapy of cancer. The information about the patient and the tumour that is necessary for the therapy decision is often not available to those treating the patient in full or in sufficient quality. This sometimes leads to a significant delay in the treatment of those affected. Researchers in the ADBoard project want to contribute to further improving therapy decisions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

The aim of the project is the exemplary use of a novel decision support system for liver tumours. AI methods such as natural language processing and machine learning will provide the technical basis for automated data provision and decision support, including therapy recommendations. The robustness, reproducibility, transparency and explainability of the proposed therapy recommendations will be evaluated in the project within the framework of a study. For this purpose, the therapy recommendations suggested by the system will be compared with the decisions of the tumour conferences actually carried out.

The therapy recommendations prepared using AI are intended to support doctors in the future in making timely and optimal therapy decisions for liver tumours. The long-term goal is to apply the new system in clinical practice and to transfer the system to other tumour types.


Charité ̶ Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss

Publications about the project

Sharlyn ST Ng; Robert Oehring; Nikitha Ramasetti; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Yuxuan Chen; Simon Moosburner; Axel Winter; Max-Magnus Maurer; Timo A Auer; Can Kamali; Johann Pratschke; Christian Benzing; Felix Krenzien

In: Trials, Vol. 24, 577 (2023), No. 1, Pages 1-10, Springer, 9/2023.

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Robert Oehring; Nikitha Ramasetti; Sharlyn Ng; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Axel Winter; Max Maurer; Simon Moosburner; Nathanael Raschzok; Can Kamali; Johann Pratschke; Christian Benzing; Felix Krenzien

In: Frontiers in Oncology, Vol. 13, Pages 1-14, Frontiers Media SA, 2023.

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