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CLAIRE Saarland II

The CLAIRE Saarland Project

In June 2018, the CLAIRE initiative was launched with the aim of joining forces in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Europe with a focus on research and innovation, sustainably strengthening and creating "AI Made in Europe". To achieve this, a network of centres of excellence strategically distributed across Europe and a central facility - the so-called CLAIRE Hub - are planned to be established. Today, the initiative counts more than 3,600 individual supporters and represents the world's largest AI research network with more than 400 participating research institutions.

Within the scope of the project, suitable activities will be identified and implemented that allow a stronger integration of Saarland and the Greater Region into these activities. For this purpose, the following three main areas will be addressed in particular:

  • Identifying suitable stakeholders from research, industry and associations who would like to actively participate in shaping a strategic research and innovation agenda for AI in Europe. These can be involved in activities such as Theme Development Workshops organised as part of the European networks of AI centres of excellence projects. More information about these networks and their respective goals is available through VISION, TAILOR and HUMANE-AI-NET.

  • Supporting suitable partners from Saarland and the Greater Region who would like to contribute to the establishment of a global framework dealing with ethical and societal guidelines for the use of AI, for instance by participating in events and workshops. Involvement in corresponding activities with international partners is achieved through the so-called International Alliance for a human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Provision of services for research institutions and companies from Saarland and the Greater Region regarding a CLAIRE AISBL membership. For research institutions, this will be in the context of the so-called CLAIRE Research Network, for for-profit organizations in the so-called CLAIRE Innovation Network.


Staatskanzlei Saarland

Staatskanzlei Saarland