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DataNord - MRI4ALL

Research Academy Projekt MRI4AII des Interdisziplinären Datenkompetenzzentrums für die Region Bremen - DataNord; Teilvorhaben:

  • Duration:

In close cooperation within the U Bremen Research Alliance (UBRA) and with other partners, the University of Bremen is establishing a data competence centre for the entire region. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the centre with over 3.5 million euros. The aim of the interdisciplinary data competence centre for the Bremen region (DataNord) is to create a place for data science learning, research and networking for researchers in the region, regardless of institutional or disciplinary boundaries.

The Cyber-Physical Systems research department is taking part in the DataNord data competence centre together with the University of Bremen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS in the MRI4ALL research project. The aim of MRI4ALL is to open up the methods of magnetic resonance imaging to a wide range of users. Until now, these methods have required a great deal of prior knowledge in order to programme the tomograph with so-called sequences. In MRI4ALL, these sequences are to be generated automatically from existing examples with the help of data-driven AI methods. Application areas are university teaching and materials science.


  • U Bremen Research Alliance
  • Universität Bremen
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medizin MEVIS


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research