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SemOPC-UA: Introducing Semantics toOPC-UA Application Specific Methods

Badarinath Katti; Christiane Plociennik; Michael Schweitzer


Despite recent advances in Cloud manufacturing such as the introduction of Edgecomponents, this application area still suffers from inflexible production planning and staticrouting. In very dynamic scenarios such as high-speed manufacturing, more autonomy of theEdge is desired in order to enable it to react to unforeseen events. The concepts of the SemanticWeb, on the other hand, allow to connect machines without human intervention. Semantic WebServices (SWS) have the potential to replace manual configuration of the control applicationsthat connect and supervise the various manufacturing resources on the shop-floor. Severalspecifications exist to realize SWS; one of the most prominent is OWL-S. Our approach, calledSemOPC-UA, introduces the concepts of OWL-S to the OPC-UA protocol and in particular, tothe application specific methods of OPC-UA. Consequently, SemOPC-UA enables the creationof flexible orchestration plans in a manufacturing scenario controlled by cloud ManufacturingExecution Systems (MES)