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Connected Swarm Cycling: a new Concept for Urban Mobility

Linglong Meng; Mouetez Bellah Mraihi; Stefan Schaffer
In: MobileHCI 2020. International Workshop on Designing Technologies for Future Forms of Sustainable Mobility (MobileHCI-2020), October 8, Oldenburg, Germany, online, 2020.


Social group cycling shows a positive impact on facilitating urban cycling as a sustainable means of mobility while increasing cycling safety in urban area[3]. We present Connected Swarm Cycling, a new urban mobility concept for creating a group of people cycling together for a while in a common direction or destination. Supporting the implicit interaction within or between swarms, smart garment will be utilized to realize use cases like swarm member identification,or signaling in case of merging or splitting of swarms. In this paper, we present the underlying technological basis as well as some planned further developments. Further, we outline our research topics in the field of user group modelling and algorithms for implicit urban scale interaction of groups, specifically in the context of connected swarm cycling.