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New Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Detection with Convolutional Neural Registration Networks

Julia Andresen; Hristina Uzunova; Jan Ehrhardt; Heinz Handels
In: Olivier Commowick; Frédéric Cervenansky; François Cotton; Michel Dojat (Hrsg.). MICCAI2021 - MSSEG-2 challenge proceedings: Multiple sclerosis new lesions segmentation challenge using a data management and processing infrastructure. MSSEG-2 challenge: Multiple sclerosis new lesions segmentation challenge, located at MICCAI 2021, September 23, Pages 111-111, HAL, 2021.


The delineation of new multiple sclerosis lesions is an important yet difficult and error-prone task. We present an automatic framework for new lesion segmentation composed of two convolutional neural networks (CNNs). The first CNN registers images from different timepoints and simultaneously segments non-corresponding regions. The second CNN refines the non-correspondence maps into segmentations of new lesions. Segmentation performance is shown to profit from the registration results of the first network.

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