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Comparison of two optical coherence tomography systems to identify human brain tumor

Paul Strenge; Birgit Lange; Christin Grill; Wolfgang Draxinger; Veit Danicke; Dirk Theisen-Kunde; Heinz Handels; Matteo Mario Bonsanto; Christian Hagel; Robert Huber; others
In: Proceedings Volume 11924, Optical Coherence Imaging Techniques and Imaging in Scattering Media IV. European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO-2021), located at World of Photonics Congress, June 20-24, Pages 56-58, Vol. 1192401 (2021), SPIE, 2021.


The identification of ex vivo brain tumor tissue was investigated with two different optical coherence tomography systems exploiting two optical parameters. The optical parameters were calculated from semantically labelled OCT B-scans.

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