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POWOP: Weather-based Power Outage Prediction (**Best Poster Award**)

Natalie Gdanitz; Lotfy Abdel Khaliq; Agbodzea Pascal Ahiagble; Sabine Janzen; Wolfgang Maaß
In: IntelliSys 2023. Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys-2023), September 7-8, Amsterdam, Netherlands, SAI IntelliSys, 9/2023.


The worldwide energy-crisis, in particular current gas shortages, pose a critical risk for the energy-intensive process industry. Rising costs for gas lead to an intensified usage of power (e.g. for heating) in industry and private households that network operators are not pre- pared for. Weather-dependent energy-sources (e.g. windparks, solar panels) lead to additional fluctuations within the power grid, especially in autumn and winter seasons with potential storms and less sun hours. In worst case a simultaneous and prolonged loss of gas supply and electricity will lead to network bottlenecks, or complete network shutdowns - blackouts. For manufacturers, power outages thereby lead to severe consequences (i.e. waste, broken machines, additional costs), with only limited options to prevent them. Within this paper we highlight the implementation of POWOP, a weather-based service for POWer Outage Prediction that increases the resilience within the German process industry by an early forecast for the next 7 days including possible action recommendations. Our publicly available web-application was evaluated for 15 locations of paper manufacturers in the German region Bavaria and will be demonstrated within a screencast.