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Remote Deployment of a JADE Agent in Docker

Dennis Maecker; Henning Gösling; Oliver Thomas
In: EMAS 2023. International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems, located at AAMAS 2023 (29-30 May 2023, London, UK), EMAS, 6/2023.


This work presents a technical introduction into the implementation process of a containerized multi-agent system. More specifically, the JADE framework is used as a middleware for the development of software agents. With the goal of achieving high modularity and enhancing usability, the system will be containerized in Docker. To model an application-oriented scenario, the containerized agent-system is deployed on a headless remote server. The goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive solution to help overcome the technical difficulties encountered in accessing the graphical user interface of agents from an end device. A procedural guide to the implementation process is provided, including the preparation of the JADE-based multi-agent system, creation of Docker containers, and deployment of the containerized multi-agent system on a remote server.


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