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Scalable and Flexible High-Performance In-Network Processing of Hash Joins in Distributed Databases

Johannes Wirth; Jaco A. Hofmann; Lasse Thostrup; Carsten Binnig; Andreas Koch
In: International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology, FPT 2021, Auckland, New Zealand, December 6-10, 2021. International Conference on Field Programmable Technology (FPT), Pages 1-9, IEEE, 2021.


Programmable switches allow to offload specific processing tasks into the network and promise multi-Tbit/s throughput. One major goal when moving computation to the network is typically to reduce the volume of network traffic, and thus improve the overall performance. In this manner, programmable switches are increasingly used, both in research as well as in industry applications, for various scenarios, including statistics gathering, in-network consensus protocols, and more. However, the currently available programmable switches suffer from several practical limitations. One important restriction is the limited amount of available memory, making them unsuitable for stateful operations such as Hash Joins in distributed databases. In previous work, an FPGA-based In-Network Hash Join accelerator was presented, initially using DDR-DRAM to hold the state. In a later iteration, the hash table was moved to on-chip HBM-DRAM to improve the performance even further. However, while very fast, the size of the joins in this setup was limited by the relatively small amount of available HBM. In this work, we heterogeneously combine DDR-DRAM and HBM memories to support both larger joins and benefit from the far faster and more parallel HBM accesses. In this manner, we are able to improve the performance by a factor of 3x compared to the previous HBM-based work. We also introduce additional configuration parameters, supporting a more flexible adaptation of the underlying hardware architecture to the different join operations required by a concrete use-case.

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