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Findings of the 2023 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT23): LLMs Are Here but Not Quite There Yet

Tom Kocmi; Eleftherios Avramidis; Rachel Bawden; Ondrej Bojar; Anton Dorkovich; Christian Federmann; Mark Fishel; Markus Freitag; Thamme Gowda; Roman Grundkiewicz; Barry Haddow; Philipp Koehn; Benjamin Marie; Christof Monz; Makoto Morishita; Kenton Murray; Makoto Nagata; Toshiaki Nakazawa; Martin Popel; Maja Popovic; Mariya Shmatova
In: Philipp Koehn; Barry Haddow; Tom Kocmi; Christof Monz (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Machine Translation. Conference on Machine Translation (WMT-2023), located at EMNLP2023, December 6-7, Singapore, Singapore, Pages 1-42, Association for Computational Linguistics, 12/2023.


This paper presents the results of the General Machine Translation Task organised as part of the 2023 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT). In the general MT task, participants were asked to build machine translation systems for any of 8 language pairs (corresponding to 14 translation directions), to be evaluated on test sets consisting of up to four different domains. We evaluate system outputs with professional human annotators using a combination of source-based Direct Assessment and scalar quality metric (DA+SQM).


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