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Digital Twin for Efficient Operation of Heating Devices in Industrial Halls

Thomas Schmeyer; Jonas Mohr; Gerhard Sonnenberg; Margarita Chikobava; Andreas Luxenburger; Dieter Merkel; Alassane Ndiaye; Boris Brandherm; Sönke Knoch; Jens Findeisen; Steffen Manser; Francis Youmbi; Iven Beck
In: Proceedings of the 29th IEEE ETFA - IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA-2024), September 10-13, Padova, Italy, Pages 1-7, IEEE, 9/2024.


Industrial halls consume a large part of the heat energy resources but are only a tiny part of the building infrastructure. Improving heating efficiency in this sector will significantly contribute to reach climate neutrality. Therefore, a digital twin backend architecture is developed using the Asset Administration Shell framework to generate a digital twin. This has created a new data basis that lays the foundation for a score for the comparability of heating systems in terms of efficiency. In addition, some client services are implemented, such as visualizing the data in dashboards and generating alerts. Another service is a planning support application via augmented reality. The first tests in an industrial scenario show that using the digital twin can reduce energy consumption and improve resource efficiency. Due to the containerized architecture of the generated twin, it can be used as a blueprint for other digital twins of heating systems.