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Tracking Morphological and Semantic Co-occurences in Spontaneous Dialogues

Mark Seligman; Jan Alexandersson; Kristiina Jokinen
In: Proceedings of the IJCAI Workshop. IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems (KRPD-99), August 2, Stockholm, Sweden, 8/1999.


e seen as aspects of topic tracking. The classical mechanism for lexical prediction is the use of N-gram statistics for the surface forms of the relevant lex ical items. For the purposes of speech recognition and disambiguation in spontaneous language, however, this technique is unsatisfactory in two respects. First, the range of predictions is too short, as predictions are usually made over a distance of no more than five words [Church, 1990]. To support bottom-up recognition and analysis of noisy material containing gaps and fragments, longer-rang predictions are needed as well. Long-range pre- Tracking Morpholog ical and Semant ic Co-occurrences in Spontaneous Dialogues