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Next Generation Applications in Healthcare Digital Libraries using Semantic Service Composition and Coordination

H. Schuldt; R. Möller; Matthias Klusch; Andreas Gerber
In: R. Procter; P. A. Bath (Hrsg.). Health Informatics Journal, Vol. 12, Pages 107-119, SAGE publications, 2006.


Healthcare digital libraries (DLs) increasingly make use of dedicated services to access functionality and/or data. Semantic (web) services enhance single services and facilitate compound services, thereby supporting advanced applications on top of a DL. The traditional process management approach tends to focus on process definition at build time rather than on actual service events in run time, and to anticipate failures in order to define appropriate strategies. This paper presents a novel approach where service coordination is distributed among a set of agents. A dedicated component plans compound semantic services on demand for a particular application. In failure, the planner is reinvoked to define contin- gency strategies. Finally, matchmaking is effected at runtime by choosing the appropriate service provider. These combined technologies will provide key support for highly flexible next-generation DL applications. Such technologies are under development within CASCOM