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Towards a Notation for the Modeling of User Activities and Interactions Within Intelligent Environments

Christoph Stahl
In: Pervasive 2006 Workshop Proceedings. International Workshop on the Tangible Space Initiative (TSI-06), located at Pervasive 2006, May 7-10, Dublin, Ireland, Pages 441-452, ISBN 978-3-00-018411-6, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, 5/2006.


The design of ubiquitous computing systems for pedestrian assistance in large and complex environments, such as airports, museums or conferences, poses new challenges to existing development processes. The designer of such a system has to specify typical activities within the environment and how the system supports them, and decide which sensors and devices will be used for interaction. We propose a new design process, which extends the scenario-based design approach through the use of a more structured model of user activities and human-computer interaction in intelligent environments.