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Document Recognition of Printed Scores and Transformation into MIDI

Stephan Baumann
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 93-38, 1993.


The processing of printed music pieces on paper images is an interesting application to analyse printed information by a computer. The music notation presented on paper should be recognized and reproduced. Numerous methods of image processing and knowlegde-based procedures are necessary. The DOREMIDI System allows the processing of simple piano music pieces for two hands characterized by the following steps: - Scanning paper images - Processing of binary image data into basic components - Knowledge-based analysis and symbolic representation of a musical score - Visual and acoustic reproduction of the results. DOREMIDI has been realised on a Macintosh II, using Common-Lisp (Clos) programming language. The user interface is equivalent to the common Macintosh-interface, which enables in an uncomplicated way to use windows and menus. A keyboard presents the results of the acoustical reproduction.