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Ein adaptives Multimedia-Streaming-Tool als Basis für ein personalisiertes Auskunftssystem für mobile Touristen

Simon Bergweiler
Mastersthesis, Hochschule Trier, Trier University of Applied Sciences, 2004.


This work describes the development of the interactive, distributed, and adaptable live streaming system StrIMA (Streaming System for Interactive Mobile Applications). This system was developed in the context of the SAMT project (information system from the Saarland for mobile tourists), with which the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) was entrusted by the Ministry of Economics of the Saarland. The project plans to develop a regional information system for tourists, who are travelling on foot or by bicycle. As a mobile terminal for tourists, a mobile phone or a Smartphone offers its services. Due to the limited resources of today’s mobile phones the processing of multimedia applications of which an information system consists runs on distant servers.