Towards Networking Logistics Resources to enable a Demand-Driven Material Supply for Lean Production Systems - Basic Concept and Potential of a Cyber-Physical Logistics System

Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Marius Veigt, Dennis Lappe, Marco Franke, Mirko Kück, Dennis Kolberg, Isabel Fahl, Roland Zimmerling, Jochen Schlick, Peter Stephan, Philipp Guth

In: 7. International Scientific Symposium on Logistics. International Scientific Symposium on Logistics (ISSl-07) June 4-5 Köln Germany Pages 42-69 BVL International 2014.


Lean production is characterized by avoiding of waste. The organization of the internal logistics by using the Kanban-method can lead to waste in transport and motion due to lack of coordination between the release of the order (Kanban) and the execution of the order (milk run). This is where the concept of an intelligent network of different logistics units comes in to improve the coordination between release and execution of the order. This paper presents a concept as well as the resulting potential of a demand-driven intralogistics control using networking logistics resources within manufacturing. To this a cyber-physical logistics system that describes the networking between different logistics units is firstly designed. Afterwards the general concept is adapted to the real production logistics processes of the gear manufacturer Wittenstein bastian GmbH. The benefits are shown based on real data.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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