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Integrated Semantic Fault Analysis and Worker Support for Cyber-Physical Production Systems

I. Zinnikus; Andre Antakli; Patrick Kapahnke; Matthias Klusch; Christopher Krauss; Andreas Nonnengart; Philipp Slusallek
In: Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics (CBI). IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI-2017), 19th, July 24-26, Thessaloniki, Greece, IEEE Press, 2017.


About a decade ago, the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industrie 4.0, has been ushered by the introduction of the Internet of Things and Services into the manufacturing environment. Since production and manufacturing control systems are increasingly networked and connected, the complexity of modern distributed cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) requires new tools for monitoring, failure detection and analysis. In this paper, we present a framework for semantic fault analysis of CPPS which combines semantic sensor data stream analysis for fault detection and diagnosis through reasoning on given domain model and belief network with fault prognosis through formal behavior analysis with timed hybrid automata. As CPPS are envisioned to not only cooperate with each other but also with humans on a new level of sociotechnical interaction, we use agentbased 3D visualisation tools to provide human users with support when repairing occurring faults. We illustrate the approach using the example of a smart factory case study.