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VITRA GUIDE: Utilisation du Langage Naturel et de Représentations Graphiques pour la Description d'Itinéraires

Wolfgang Maaß; Gerd Herzog; Peter Wazinski
Universität des Saarlandes, KI-Labor am Lehrstuhl für Informatik IV, Berichte, Vol. 92, Sonderforschungsbereich 314, 1993.


As a basic research project, in Vitra we are concerned with the connection between language and visual perception. Aiming at knowledge-based systems that provide a natural language access for visual data, we especially deal with the automatic generation of route descriptions. In order to produce route descriptions taylored to user and application specific needs we use the following presentation modes: natural language descriptions, 2-dimensional maps and 3-dimensional graphics. In this paper we discuss these presentation modes and show how they can be combined for a multimodal route description.

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