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Media channels for personal business media

Wolfgang Maaß; Beat Schmid; Wolf-Christian Eickhoff
In: International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, Vol. 2, No. 2, Pages 139-151, Inderscience Publishers, 2004.


Although the world wide web is already about ten years old, it is still a dream that products and services actively serve user's needs. Central market-places with product catalogue metaphors still dominate the internet. This means that market-place participants are required to access, understand and analyse the available offerings before they can interact with other participants or market-place services. Personal business medias start from the position that channels for product and service offerings can be dynamically grouped around the needs of participants so that new and personalised market-place structures can be designed, i.e. market-places come to me at home and speak my language. In contrast to many other approaches, personal data processing is not hosted by a market-place operator but stays with the user. We argue for the position that personal business media provide means to implement open and modular digital media. Finally, with micromarkets a platform is presented which demonstrates how personal business media can be implemented.

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