Spinning Icons: Introducing a Novel SSVEP-BCI Paradigm Based on Rotation

Maurice Rekrut, Tobias Jungbluth, Jan Alexandersson, Antonio Krüger

In: IUI '21: 26th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-2021) April 14-17 College Station/Virtual Texas United States Pages 234-243 ISBN 978-1-4503-8017-1 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 4/2021.


Steady-State-Visually-Evoked-Potential (SSVEP) Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) make use of flickering stimuli to determine the target a user is looking at and select commands accordingly. Those types of BCI can be operated with little to no training, achieve high classification accuracies and are robust in application. A drawback of this approach is the reduced user comfort due to the constant flickering of the stimuli which can be annoying and tiring to look at. Existing studies addressing this issue try to make use of motion to disguise the oscillating patterns. However, this makes them look abstract and restricts the design of those applications as those patterns do not blend in to conventional user interfaces. In this work we introduce the concept of spinning icons to evoke SSVEPs. The icons are rotating in a certain frequency around their vertical axis and are supposed to appear more natural and be less stressing for the human eye. Furthermore this concept is not bound to any kind of abstract motion based pattern but rather supposed to work with any type of icon or image. The newly designed stimuli were evaluated in an application-oriented scenario and compared to standard and state-of-the-art movement-based SSVEP stimuli regarding the classification accuracy and experienced visual fatigue. The results show that the newly created stimuli performed equally well and partially even better in terms of classification accuracy and were rated throughout better concerning visual fatigue by the study participants. This work therefore lays the foundation for more comfortable SSVEP-BCIs which can be used with basically every icon or UI element spinning around their vertical axis.

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