PROTEUS: Scalable Online Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Interactive Visualization

Bonaventura Del Monte, Jeyhun Karimov, Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji, Tilmann Rabl, Volker Markl

In: Proceedings of the Workshops of the EDBT/ICDT 2017 Joint Conference (EDBT/ICDT 2017). International Workshop on Big Data Management in European Projects (EuroPro) 1st located at Joint Conference EDBT/ICDT March 21-21 Venice Italy 2017.


Big data analytics is a critical and unavoidable process in any business and industrial environment. Nowadays, companies that do exploit big data's inner value get more economic revenue than the ones which do not. Once companies have determined their big data strategy, they face another serious problem: in-house designing and building of a scalable system that runs their business intelligence is difficult. The PROTEUS project aims to design, develop, and provide an open ready-to-use big data software architecture which is able to handle extremely large historical data and data streams and supports online machine learning predictive analytics and real-time interactive visualization. The overall evaluation of PROTEUS is carried out using a real industrial scenario


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