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Smart Service Engineering


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  1. 3S-II - AI-based detection of steroid sample swapping in the anti-doping area and analysis of the associated decision-making processes

    Anti-doping analyses are important in maintaining fairness and integrity in sports, with robust measures required to fight against cheating and …

  2. MARVIN - Development of AI-based Screening Tool to detect Identical Urine Samples within the Athlete Biological Passport

    MARVIN aims to enhance anti-doping measures by developing an advanced AI-based tool for detecting identical steroid profiles in athletes. The project …

  3. FedWell - Life-Long Federated User and Mental Modeling for Health and Well-being

    Adaptive and personalized AI systems in healthcare and well-being rely on information about users and usage situations to provide the best possible …

  4. ESCADE - Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Data Centers

    Growth of data centers and their capacities is central to economies as digital transformation needs computing power. But processing data and training …

  5. QUASIM - QC-Enhanced Service Ecosystem for Simulation in Manufacturing

    Quantum computing (QC) is a technology developing rapidly in research, but has also raised initial expectations in industrial applications. The …

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