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Fabrizio Nunnari; Eleftherios Avramidis; Vemburaj Yadav; Alain Pagani; Yasser Hamidullah; Sepideh Mollanorozy; Cristina España-Bonet; Emil Woop; Patrick Gebhard

In: Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology. International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT-2023), located at ICASSP 2023, June 10, Rhodes, Greece, IEEE, 6/2023.

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Clara Elisabeth Gleiß; Emil Woop; Esther Zahn

In: MYOW - Make Your Own Wearable. Toolkits & Wearables: Developing Toolkits for Exploring Wearable Designs, located at CHI 2022, April 30, New Orleans, LA, USA, CHI 2022, 5/2022.

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Emil Woop; Esther Zahn; Rahel Flechtner; Gesche Joost

In: Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI-2020), Shaping Experiences, Shaping Society, October 25-29, online, ISBN 78-1-4503-7579-5/20/10, ACM, 2020.

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