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Lars Krupp, M.Sc.

Organizational unit Embedded Intelligence


Lars Krupp; Steffen Steinert; Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis; Karina E. Avila; Paul Lukowicz; Jochen Kuhn; Stefan Küchemann; Jakob Karolus

In: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research. AAAI Workshop on AI for Education (AI4ED-2024), Bridging Innovation and Responsibility, located at AAAI 2024, February 20-27, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 2024.

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Joanna Sorysz; Lars Krupp; Dominique Nshimyimana; Paul Lukowicz

In: Proceedings of The 13th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT). AccessIOT - Workshop on Integrating AI Technologies to Increase IoT Accessibility (AccessIOT-2023), located at IoT 2023, November 7, Nagoya, Japan, ACM, 2023.

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Lars Krupp; Gernot Bahle; Agnes Gruenerbl; Paul Lukowicz

In: 2020 EEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications. IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), In 16th IEEE Workshop on Context Modeling and Reasoning (CoMoRea), located at 17th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, PerCom'20, Austin, Texas, USA, IEEE, 2020.

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