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Stefania Racioppa, M.A.


Georg Rehm; Stelios Piperidis; Khalid Choukri; Andrejs Vasiļjevs; Katrin Marheinecke; Victoria Arranz; Aivars Bērziņ¨; Miltos Deligiannis; Dimitris Galanis; Maria Giagkou; Katerina Gkirtzou; Dimitris Gkoumas; Annika Grützner-Zahn; Athanasia Kolovou; Penny Labropoulou; Andis Lagzdiņ¨; Elena Leitner; Valérie Mapelli; Hélène Mazo; Simon Ostermann; Stefania Racioppa; Mickaël Rigault; Leon Voukoutis

In: Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2024), May 20-25, Turin, Italy, ELRA, 2024.

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Stefania Racioppa; Thierry Declerck

In: Proceedings of the eLex 2021 conference. Electronic lexicography in the 21st century (eLex -2021), post-editing lexicography, July 5-7, Brno, Czech Republic, Pages 429-439, Lexical Computing CZ, s.r.o, 7/2021.

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Thierry Declerck; Stefania Racioppa; Tanja Wissik

In: Christophe Roche (Hrsg.). Actes de la conférence TOTh 2020. Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications (TOTh-2020), November 26-27, Chambéry, France, Pages 251-266, ISBN 978-2-37741-065-1, Presses Universitaires Savoie Mont Blanc, 7/2021.

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