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The iGreen project designs and realizes a network for knowledge and location based services in order to combine and utilize distributed and heterogeneous information sources of both public and private origin. Mobile decision making agents will be developed to use this network to locally support and optimize energy-efficient, economic, environmentally friendly and frequently collaboratively organized production processes in the agricultural sector, using Web 3.0 technologies. iGreen offers the end-user standardized and industry-wide connectivity with intelligent technologies that provide collaboratively organized services based on actual and site-specific data.

The initial field of application for iGreen is crop farming, where decision making decisively depends on the availability of time-referenced and spatial information. In order to enable an individual, timely and efficient support for on-site decision making, iGreen supplies a mobile decision making agent with various heterogeneous sources of information, like geological data provided by the public sector, domain specific knowledge from agricultural science, as well as individual user data. Hence, iGreen supports a result-oriented and resource-conserving production.

The iGreen Consortium consists of 23 partners from economy, science and the public sector. The partners from economy, who are leading in their particular fields, function as end-users and technology-providers. The science partners provide the required innovative IT and conceptual know how. The institutions and consulting services of the public sector contribute domain specific expert knowledge and official geological data, and also benefit from the realization of up to date mobile services and structures for knowledge exchange. The iGreen project receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (subsidy program IKT-2020).


  • LU Lohnunternehmer Service GmbH
  • Dienstleistungszentrum ländlicher Raum Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück
  • Landesamt für Geologie und Bergbau Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Zentralstelle der Länder für EDV-gestützte Entscheidungshilfen und Programme im Pflanzenschutz
  • Informationssystem integrierte Pflanzenproduktion e.V.
  • Kompetenzzentrum Innovative Informationssysteme, FH Bingen
  • TU Kaiserslautern, AG ICSY
  • TU Kaiserslautern, AG HCIV
  • Wachendorff Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) - AIFB
  • SAP AG
  • Solutions direkt Gesellschaft für Lösungsentwicklung mbH
  • John Deere AMS Europe
  • CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH
  • Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH
  • Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co KG
  • Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG
  • LEMKEN GmbH & Co KG
  • RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH
  • Competence Center ISOBUS e.V.
  • Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft
  • Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen
  • Landesamt für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau Sachsen-Anhalt


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Ansgar Bernardi,

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Ansgar Bernardi

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Ansgar Bernardi

In: LU aktuell 2013 6 Page 34 Bundesverband Lohnunternehmen e.V. 6/2013.

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