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Al-assisted motion analysis and therapy

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The aim of the project "Al-assisted motion analysis and therapy (KIBA)" is to establish a research infrastructure for AI-based motion analysis and therapy optimization. The AI laboratory will be used jointly by the University of Lübeck, the DFKI Lübeck branch and the Fraunhofer facilities in Lübeck as a central research infrastructure. The state of Schleswig-Holstein is funding the establishment of this high-tech laboratory for research int the areas of Al-assisted robotics for motion diagnostics and therapy optimization with resources from the REACT-EU funding initiative of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) amounting to €1.3 million.

In contrast to conventional rehabilitation facilities or walking labs, the framework of this research infrastructure project aims the development of an AI-controlled diagnosis and training environment that enables the analysis of everyday situations in a particularly realistic and patient-specific manner. By means of an AI-controlled, individually adaptable 3D weight-relieving system, patient movements will be supported depending on the situation during motor exercise using rehabilitation robotics. Video cameras in combination with a motion capture system as well as floors, stairs, seating and support devices equipped with sensors will be installed to analyse movement patterns and control the rehab robotics. In addition to examining walking behaviour, highly complex movement sequences such as standing up and walking stairs can also be analysed here.

The research area AI in medical image processing (Head: Prof. Dr. Heinz Handels) of the DFKI branch Lübeck is involved in the project and will use the KIBA research infrastructure to develop new methods of AI-based analysis of motion patterns as well as quantification of disease-related motion changes using video recordings and multisensory data. The Lübeck environment offers almost ideal conditions for jointly evaluating the developed AI methods in a practical way together with medical and industrial application partners and bringing them into use.


Universität zu Lübeck, Fraunhofer Lübeck


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EU - European Union