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IMPROVE: An Innovative Application for Collaborative Mobile Mixed Reality Design Review

Pedro Santos; André Stork; Thomas Gierlinger; Alain Pagani; Céline Paloc; Iñigo Barandarian; Giuseppe Conti; Raffaele De Amicis; Martin Witzel; Oliver Machui; José M. Jiménez; Bruno Araújo; Joaquim Jorge; Georg Bodammer
In: Research in Interactive Design. Proceedings. Vol.2.: Proceedings of Virtual Concept 2006. Virtual Concept Conference (VCC-2006), November 26 - December 1, Cancun, Mexico, ISBN 978-2-287-48363-9, Springer, Paris, 5/2006.


In this paper we introduce an innovative application aiming at combining large, tablet-based and headmounted displays for collaborative mobile mixed reality design reviews. Our research and development is motivated by two use scenarios: automotive and architectural design review involving real users from Page/Park architects and Elasis FIAT. Our activities are supported by the EU IST project IMPROVE. It covers activities in the areas of: HMD development using unique OLED technology, markerless tracking, augmented reality rendering, image calibration for large tiled displays, collaborative tablet-based and projection wall oriented interaction and stereoscopic video streaming for mobile users. The paper gives an overview of the hardware and software developments within IMPROVE and concludes with results from first user test.