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Decoding Resilience: A Graph-based Approach for Organizational Resilience Assessment

Sabine Janzen; Amin Harig; Natalie Gdanitz; Hannah Stein; Nurten Öksüz-Köster; Wolfgang Maaß
In: Conference Proceedings. International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER-2023),, 11/2023.


Resilience has become crucial for manufacturing organizations in the face of various crises. However, current risk management practices often lack systematic resilience assessment due to the fuzzy nature of resilience. We introduce GRACE, a model for graph-based organizational resilience assessment in the manufacturing sector. GRACE utilizes centrality measures to model key performance indicators (KPIs) of business units for highlighting critical areas that significantly influence organizational functionality. By employing resilience metrics and a graph-based representation, simulated disruption scenarios can be induced to identify vulnerabilities in business units that may lead to lower resilience. The effectiveness of GRACE was demonstrated within a simulation service for risk and crisis management in manufacturing and evaluated in a case study. Results showcased GRACE's performance in resilience assessment and its potential to enhance organizational preparedness with respect to response strategies.