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Towards Requirements Engineering for Quantum Computing Applications in Manufacturing

Hannah Stein; Stefan Schröder; Pascal Kienast; Marco Kulig
In: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2024. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-2024), HICSS, USA, 1/2024.


Quantum computing (QC) shows the potential to trigger a paradigm shift for numerous industries. As an emerging technology, methodological support for designing and developing QC-based applications is lacking. This paper presents the results of a case study applying consortium research in order to perform a requirements engineering process for two QC-based applications in the manufacturing industry. The results show the differences between requirements engineering for QC applications and conventional software applications. The major findings point to the need for QC knowledge and best practices for a successful requirements engineering process and elaborate on the main differences between QC application- and software application requirements.