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SOBA: SmartWeb Ontology-based Annotation

Paul Buitelaar; Philipp Cimiano; Anette Frank; Stefania Racioppa
In: Proc. of the Demo Session at the International Semantic Web Conference. International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Athens GA, USA, 2006.


We describe SOBA, a sub-component of the SmartWeb multi-modal dialog system. SOBA is a component for ontology-based information extraction from soccer web pages for automatic population of a knowledge base that can be used for domain-specific question answering. SOBA realizes a tight connection between the ontology, knowledge base and the information extraction component. The originality of SOBA is in the fact that it extracts information from heterogeneous sources such as tabular structures, text and image captions in a semantically integrated way. In particular, it stores extracted information in a knowledge base, and in turn uses the knowledge base to interpret and link newly extracted information with respect to already existing entities.