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SmartWeb: Mobile Access to the Semantic Web

Anupriya Ankolekar; Paul Buitelaar; Philipp Cimiano; Pascal Hitzler; Malte Kiesel; Markus Krötzsch; Holger Lewen; Günter Neumann; Michael Sintek; Tuvshintur Tserendorj; Rudi Studer
In: Proc. of the Demo Session at the International Semantic Web Conference. International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Athens GA, USA, 11/2006.


We present the SmartWeb Demonstrator for multimodal and mobile querying of semantic resources and the open WWW. The end-user interface consists of a Pocket Data Assistant which accepts written or spoken questions as input and delivers answers based on a multitude of resources including a semantic knowledge base, semantically annotated online web services, and semi-automatically created knowledge from text-based web pages. If answers cannot be found using these structured resources, then the system returns answers based on linguistic query-answering techniques on the open WWW.