Relative Translation and Rotation Calibration Between Optical Target and Inertial Measurement Unit

Manthan Pancholi, Svilen Dimitrov, Norbert Schmitz, Sebastian Lampe, Didier Stricker

In: International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software. International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software (S-CUBE-16) 7th EAI International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software December 1-2 Nice France Springer 2017.


Cameras and Inertial Measurement Units are widely used for motion tracking and general activity recognition. Sensor fusion techniques, which employ both Vision- and IMU-based tracking, rely on their precise synchronization in time and relative pose calibration. In this work, we propose a novel technique for solving both time and relative pose calibration between an optical target (OT) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The optical tracking system gathers 6DoF position and rotation data of the OT and the proposed approach uses them to simulate accelerometer and gyroscope readings to compare them against real ones recorded from the IMU. Convergence into the desired result of relative pose calibration is achieved using the adaptive genetic algorithm.

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