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Agents and Simulated Reality


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  1. SolarEnvelopeCenter - Planning Support for the Solarization of the Building Envelope in New and Existing Buildings

    Subproject: Visualisation

    In the project, technically, economically and architecturally advantageous basic solutions for the solarization of the …

  2. B5GCyberTestV2X - Beyond 5G Virtuelle Umgebung für Cybersicherheitstests von V2X-Systeme

    The overall goal of the project is to enable safe and efficient autonomous driving by developing a virtual environment for cybersecurity testing of …

  3. MOMENTUM - Robust Learning with Hybrid AI for Trustworthy Interaction of Humans and Machines in Complex Environments

    MOMENTUM is a research project dedicated to TRUSTED-AI, which aims to advance the development and application of artificial intelligence by …

  4. ML-Synthom - Fertigungsnahes Maschinelles Lernen für die Automobilzuliefererindustrie durch synthetische Generierung von Oberflächen und Materialien

    Ensuring industrial quality through new research

    The ML-SYNTHOM project is developing an AI-based test procedure for quality assurance for new types of …

  5. Adra-e - AI, Data and Robotics ecosystem

    Adra-e - Supporting the AI, Data and Robotics Community in the Development of a Sustainable European Ecosystem

    Adra-e is a Coordination and Support …

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