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Cyber-Physical Systems


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  1. PaSVer - Powerful design tool for novel automotive electronics

    The automotive industry in Germany is undergoing major changes. Car manufacturers have to combine more and more software and hardware to enable …

  2. REXASI-PRO - REliable & eXplAinable Swarm Intelligence for People with Reduced mObility

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied widely in many domains and there is a need to realize public trust in these systems. Calls are made to …

  3. ECXL - An Extensible and Consistent Cross-Level RISC-V Verification Platform

    The goal of the ECXL project is to develop a design and verification platform for RISC-V based systems. The verification platform will allow models on …

  4. KIMBi - Auf dem Weg zur KI-gestützten intelligenten Magnetresonanz-Bildgebung

    Es soll ein System entwickelt werden, das die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) für KI-

    Anwendungen zugänglich macht. Die MRT ist die flexibelste und …

  5. VE-HEP - Hardening the Supply Chain through Open Source, Trustworthy EDA Tools and Processors

    The project "Hardening the Supply Chain through Open Source, Trusted EDA Tools and Processors (HEP)" focuses on RISC-V processors. RISC-V is a new, …

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Cyber-Physical Systems

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